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FREE WEBINAR: 5 Simple Steps My Clients Use To Build Thriving, Profitable Music Schools and Teaching Studios

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The step by step system our music school owners use to attract a steady flow of happy and engaged students without having to get an MBA in marketing.
Why using outdated teaching methods is the worst way to attract and engage students and the simple method my clients use to keep their students happy and committed for years longer than their competition.
How my clients effortlessly gather a mounting waiting list of eager students practically overnight, without giving away free lessons or lowering their price.
How my clients help their students continuously improve without having to constantly badger them to practice.


Business Coach, Educator, Author

A former MTV VJ (back when they still played music) Andrew has been part of the marketing team behind artists such as Guns N’ Roses, Ozzy Osbourne, Tracy Chapman, Soundgarden, and many, many more.  

His books and music curriculum have been featured in the Telegraph UK, Tim Topham, and Thrive Global.  And that’s why other teachers and studio owners seek him out when they need help filling their studios and schools with engaged students.

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Since working with you, I have more than tripled my students!!!

Ellie B.  California, USA